YES by Louise ft. 2 Chainz is a song in Dance Central (VR). Although originally it is open to anyone, the song becomes exclusive to Miss Aubrey after she reveals it is her favorite. It is ranked 3/3 on difficulty.

Dance Moves

Name Standard Pro
Blame Shuffle x x
Brush Off Step x x
Buckled In x x
Chest Pound + x
Gears Around x x
Get Out x x
Head Tilt x x
Hip Tilts x x
Hippy Heels x
Move Out x x
Peaches Tap x x
Pointdexter Step x
Pose x x
Princess Walk x x
Princess Walk / Reset x x
Round Hit It x
Sincere x x
Sincere / Snap x x
Snap Slash x
Subtle Shoulders x x
Sunrise Lean x
Swift x
Swift & Snap x x
V Reach x
V Snap Cross x
Veil Walk x

+ There are two versions of this move. The first is a front facing hit while the second follows with left/right facing hits.

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