Dance Central (Kinect Game) Wiki

What Is Love is a song from Haddaway this can be played on Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3 the difficultiy of this song is Legit (5/7). This song appears in DC2 playlists “Sprint” and “Intervals”. Emilia is the default dancer on the High Tide venue.


Beginner Easy Medium Hard
Arm Twist x x x x
Body Switch x
Butt Kicker x
Catch It x x
Cave Stomp x
Double Run Step x
Gun Show x x x x
Hipster x x
In Skate x x
Leggy Snap x x
Muscle Man x x x x
No Worries x x x
Pay Up x x x x
Riptide Hop x
Running Man x x
Run Step Side x
Shoulder Pop x x
Showtime x
Side Step & Crunch x x x
Slo-Mo Pop x x x x
Snap Bop x x
Snap Bop Side x x x x
Super Pump x