Hello everyone who visits this wiki in 2019!

I've only been here about a month, during which I've hopefully made a lot of improvements, but I still see a lot that needs done. So for those curious or who want to pitch in, this is a sort of to do list I've ranked.

1. Update and properly categorize current pages of songs[[1]] to include all information.

2. Create new pages of songs still red linked.

3. Update and properly categorize current pages of moves to include all information.

4. Create new pages of moves still red linked.

5. Begin posting information related to Dance Central (VR).

Unfortunately I do not own Dance Central (VR) as of yet(which is why it is so low on the list) so I will not be able to update any pages with that information. Anyone who has it and is capable is more than welcome to.

'Til then this is Hello saying goodbye!

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