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This is about the song by David Guetta. For the song of the same name by Kevin Lyttle in Dance Central 2, click here.

Turn Me On by David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj is a song in Dance Central Spotlight. There is no default dancer for this song and it has no listed difficulty level.

Dance Moves


Name Beginner Standard Deluxe Pro
Sweat It Out x
8 Oh 8 x
Assassin x
Bam x
Bottles On Ice x
'Bow Behind/Breaker x
Breaker/Extension x
Catch His Eye x
Clear Away x
Club Stronger x
Don't Meddle Reach x
Contagious x
Feel It Up x
Feelabout & Drop x
Fetching x
Fickle Step x
Freq Whip x
Give It/Zoom x
Headache & Punch x
I Wantchu x
Kick Step Stop! x
Make Me Feel x
Mystique x
Nightshade x
Off Duty x
Out The Box x
Pocket Watch Clasp x
Ragdoll/Diva x
Reconstruct x
Reset & Rigopoulean x
Revive x
Sexy Step Out x
Shake & X x
Side Sass x
Side Sass/Dash x
Single Extension x
Snap Trap x
Spin/Fighter x
Super Flex x
Sweat It Out x
Sweat It Out/Pose x
Tear It Down x

Alternate Routines (Spotlight)

Below are tables listing each move that appears in the specified routine. Each alternate routine is considered its own difficulty and therefore only has one set of moves.

Double Dope
Glitch & Reset
Movie Poster
Movie Poster/Spin
Point Prep
Ride Slide
Rise To The Top
Row House
Stand & Spin