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The Way I Are by Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson and D.O.E. is a DLC song in Dance Central, Dance Central 2, Dance Central 3, and Dance Central Spotlight. It was first released on September 20, 2011 for Dance Central and was later released on January 27, 2015 for Dance Central Spotlight. This song is labeled as the most difficult of all of the songs from Dance Central, if DLC from the same game is included. The song is also labeled as the most difficult DLC out of all of the DLC in the series. Prior to Spotlight, Mo was the default dancer for the song.

Dance Moves


indicates that the dance move appears in the Short Version of the song, seen only in Dance Central 3's Party Mode, underneath the difficulty listed.

Name Beginner Easy Medium Hard
Ahoy x
Compressor x x x
Dandy x x x x
Happy Toes x
Invisible Date x
Just For You x x
Kick Step Back x x
Kick Switch x
Knee Knock x x
Nick Tuck x x
Petite Feet x x x
Pockets x x
Pride Stride x x x x
Propose x
Right Tight x x x x
Sleepwalk x x x x
This Guy x x
Too Cool x x
Turn Hop Back x
Turnstile x
Twist-o-Just x
Walk It Off x x x x

Beginner is only available in Dance Central 3 and Dance Central Spotlight. Also in Dance Central Spotlight, Easy is called Standard, Medium is called Deluxe, and Hard is called Pro.

Alternate Routines (Spotlight)

Below are tables listing each move that appears in the specified routine. Each alternate routine is considered its own difficulty and therefore only has one set of moves.

Blazer Slide
Come Hither
Dip & Pose
Give It Slide
I Like My Beats Fast
Jerk Snap
Now Drag In
Reunion Tour
Roll Back
Roll Ex
Seal The Deal
Shoulder Dip
Skeleton Feet
Slow Sauce
Snap Out Front
Time Twist
Twisted Hoodie
Hop Hit Out
Joint Cracker
Pace In Place
Roadie Run
Scrub It Up
Step Tap


Game Import or DLC Song Playable once imported or downloaded? Playable on game if purchased from another? Cost
Dance Central DLC Song Yes Yes $2.99
Dance Central 2 DLC Song Yes Yes $2.99
Dance Central 3 DLC Song Yes Yes $2.99
Dance Central Spotlight DLC Song Yes Yes $1.99

All of the answers still apply if the song was purchased in a pack, with the exception of the cost.