Glitterati Crew





The Skyscraper
The Glitterati Crew is one of the crews of Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3.


The Glitterati Crew is one of the in-game crews. The crew is represented by newcomers Jaryn and her twin brother Kerith. The Glitterati is an unlockable crew and are the "boss's" of the game. 

The Skyscraper is the crew's primary venue in Dance Cental 2 consisting of a building in-the-process of being built with a working elevator.

In Dance Central 3, they come out with new outfits but still have the same personalities.


In Dance Central 2, they played a big part in the story, being the "boss" of the game. Every crew the person has met beforehand has talked about them considering them as fake and snobby. They challenge the player to their songs. Mastering them including the challenge song gets the player to play as well as unlocking the Skyscraper setting. The player moves on to the next stage in the game involving 2 robots and an evil doctor.

In Dance Central 3, they don't play as big of a role as in Dance Central 2. They appear at the end of the credits sitting down in chairs watching the view saying that they should "cause some trouble". 

In order to unlock their costumes, the player must fill up their Toast Box. The level the player will get them depends and they both will be unlocked at separate levels.


Dance Central 2

D = DLC Song

S = Story Mode Song

Dance Central 3

The Glitterati doesn't have any song defaulted to them in Dance Central 3 other than the ones they are defaulted on in Dance Central 2. Commander, originally defaulted by Kerith has been changed to Angel defaulting the song.