This is about the song in Dance Central (VR). For the song of the same name in Dance Central, click here.

Temperature by Sean Paul is a song that originally appeared as a DLC song in Dance Central and was rechoreographed for Dance Central (VR). It is ranked 1/3 on difficulty.

Dance Moves

Name Standard Pro
Accuse Drag In x
Basics x x
Cadence Walk x
Clean The 3s x
Direct x
Direct Turn Back x
Fish Net x x
Flame It x x
Flame It Up x x
Half Butterfly x x
Offer x
Pointers Turn Up x
Pose x
Pry Open x
Pull Shut x
Royal Elbow x
Sassy Strut x x
Sky Point March/Raise x
Slow Bolgo x x
The Butterfly x x
Toss Up x x
Willy Bounce x x
Woah Bounce x
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