Dance Central (Kinect Game) Wiki

Teach Me How to Jerk by Audio Push is a song in Dance Central, and can be imported into Dance Central 2 or Dance Central 3. The song appears in the Legit Challenge in Dance Central, as the second song that plays in the routine, and in the Grand Finale Challenge, as the twelfth song that plays in the routine. The default dancer for this song is Mo in his DC Classic outfit at the Lowdown venue in DC2 and Studio 675 in DC3.

Dance Moves

indicates that the dance move appears in the Short Version of the song, seen only in Dance Central 3's Party Mode, underneath the difficulty listed.

Name Beginner Easy Medium Hard
Chest Iso x
Clean Dip 'n' Kicks x x
Da Push x
Dip It x x x
Dip It & Stop x x
Down Down x x x x
Jump Clap x x x
Keep Dippin x x x
Knee Down Down x x x x
Low Jerk x x x
P.D.G.S. x x
Pause Step Reject x x
Reject x x
Rejectin x x
Reject Pop x
Sexy Jerk x x x
Side Jerk x x x x
Side Reject x x
Slow Mo Jerk x x x x
The Stranger x x
UFO x x
UFO Back x x x x
UFO Front x x x x

Beginner is only available in Dance Central 3.


Game Import or DLC Song Playable once imported or downloaded? Playable on game if purchased from another? Cost
Dance Central - - - -
Dance Central 2 Import Yes Yes (From DC3) $5.00 (with other DC songs)
Dance Central 3 Import Yes Yes $5.00 (with other DC songs)
Dance Central Spotlight - - - -