Dance Central (Kinect Game) Wiki

Supersonic by J.J. Fad is a song that appeared on Dance Central 3.The default dancer for this song is Glitch in his Retro Fitted outfit at the Toprock Ave. venue. It is ranked under the Hardcore (6/7) difficulty level.


Beginner Easy Medium Hard
Asps x
Awesome Bot x x
Bobble Up x
Bop Around x
Break Wave x x x
Collapsible x
Dismount x
Eavesdrop x x
Extraction x
Fold Say What x
Fresno Low x x x x
Giant Robot Arms x x
Glitch's Trip x
Heart Pump Side x x x x
Honolulu x
Jelly Bones x
Lean & Cross x
Lean / Gumshoe x
My Turn x
Peanut Butter Swirl x
Push Me x x x x
Red Handed x x x
Restock x x x
Ripple Step Center x
Robotkid x x
Rubber V. Glue x
Scratch x x
Self Check x
Slippery Start x
Spin x
Swirl Collapse x
T Party x x
Tell It x x x x
Toddle x
Toe Snap x x x
Top Heavy / Wave Up x
Twisted Feet Pump x
Twist-o-Step x
Walk Back x x x
Wave x x