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Shinju (formerly Ttiw Tolrep) is a character in the Dance Central series. He is a member of Ninja Crew.


Dance Central

Shinju (known in this game as "Ttiw Tolrep") appears as a playable character in Dance Central that is unlocked through a cheat code. The cheat code is "Left, Up, X, Up, Right, Y" (LUXURY), and it is put in at the start screen of the game using an Xbox 360 Controller. He cannot stay in the game permanently; he is not included in the character list so if a player switches characters, he will be unavailable to switch back to. The player would then have to put the code in again in order to retrieve him back.

Dance Central 2

Shinju appears in Dance Central 2 as a playable character and a part of Ninja Crew. He is unlocked from the start.

Dance Central 3

Shinju returns in Dance Central 3 as a playable character and a part of Ninja Crew. Unlike the last game, he is locked and is unlocked when insert.


Not much is known about Shinju. Aside from a liking towards the color pink, a change in name, and what appears to be an ability to use nunchucks, there is not a lot information regarding Shinju, although his silent status gives him a stature of being sly and sneaky.


Shinju does not have any outfits aside from the unnamed one given at default. It consists of a sleeveless pink shinobi shozoku accented in black with two differently sized pink arms bands accented in black and two black and gold nunchucks as accessories for the outfit.


Shinju is silent. Therefore, he does not have any quotes.


Shinju is not assigned to any songs in the series.


  • Shinju was once thought of by the public to be Oblio due to the both of them using similar movements in opening and closing sequences for Dance Central. This was later proven to be false by Harmonix.
  • Shinju is seen as an easter egg in a Dance Central trailer
  • Shinju (when he was known as Ttiw Tolrep) has an official profile given to by Harmonix. The following is given
    • Name: TTIW TOLREP
    • Hobbies: ???
    • Interests: ???
    • Favorite Movie: ???
    • Favorite Color: Pink
    • Blood Type: ???