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Say Aah by Trey Songz (featuring Fabolous) is a DLC song in Dance Central, Dance Central 2, Dance Central 3, and Dance Central Spotlight. It was first released on July 19, 2011 for Dance Central and was later released on September 16, 2014 for Dance Central Spotlight. Prior to Spotlight, the song was labeled "Simple" and the default dancers were Oblio in Dance Central and Dance Central 3 (post M.O.C. unlock) and Bodie in Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3. (pre M.O.C. unlock)



Beginner Easy Medium Hard
Carter Remix x
Cash In x
Chicken x x
Circle Step & Jump x
Double Pull x x x x
Elbow Rock x x
Fatt Boi x x x
Goal x x x x
HiLo Pep x x
Luau Step x x x
Say Ahh x x x x
Spar x x

Beginner is only available in Dance Central 3 and Dance Central Spotlight. Also in Dance Central Spotlight, Easy is called Standard, Medium is called Deluxe, and Hard is called Pro.

For the moves in the short routines of this song, click here. For the moves in the alternate routines seen in Dance Central Spotlight, click here.


Game Import or DLC Song Playable once imported or downloaded? Playable on game if purchased from another? Cost
Dance Central DLC Song Yes Yes $2.99
Dance Central 2 DLC Song Yes Yes $2.99
Dance Central 3 DLC Song Yes Yes $2.99
Dance Central Spotlight DLC Song Yes Yes $1.99

All of the answers still apply if the song was purchased in a pack, with the exception of the cost.