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SOS by Rihanna is a DLC song that appeared on Dance Central 3. The default dancer for this song is Li'l T in her DCI Agent outfit at the Crow's Nest venue. It is ranked under the Legit (5/7) difficulty level.

Name Beginner Easy Medium Hard
'Bow Behind/Sincere x
Broken Blades x x
Club Monster x
Cross My Heart x x x
Développé/Despair x
Dig 'em x
Diva Slap x
Floor Push x
Heartpump & Step x
Hip Swish/Walk Back x
Hip Wind & Snap x x
Hugabout/Développé x
Hungry x
Insomnia x x
Invisible Boyfriend x
Jazz It Baby x
Journey x
Knockout x x x x
Ligeri x
Low Strong Man x x x x
Lunge/The Technique x
Model Walk x x
Naomi x
No Photos x x x
Open Arms x
Peach Step x
Power Beams x x
Prissy Tap x x x x
Reading x
Recess x x x x
Round Hit It x
Seduce x
Selector/'Bow Behind x
Slide Roll Snap x
Smooches x x
Smooches/Dedicate x x
Snap Snap x x
Snappy Birthday x x
S.O.S. x x
Spin Cycle x
Step Touch x
Strong Man x x x x
Sweep Switch x
The Power Snap x x
The Power Snap Twist x x
Thought of You x
Tropic Mist x
Uh Huh x
Yank It Down x x x