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Round & Round is a downloadable content song for Dance Central 2 & Dance Central 3. It is by Selena Gomez & The Scene,in the Legit category,is choreographed by Nick DeMoura,has Miss Aubrey as the default dancer & was released on July 10, 2012.


Name: Beginner Easy Medium Hard
All Wound Up x x
Boyband Square x x
Cross & Turn x
Crossed Out Fakeout x
Dawn x x
Demeter x x
Dusk x x
Half Pep x
Headroll Square x x
Heel Tap x x
Hey Hey Step x
Hopscotch x
Leaf 'er x x
Lean & Pull x x x
Look Out x x x x
Low Selector x
Need You Here x x
No Worries x x
No Worries Step x
Paradise Spin x x
Pie Chart x x
Pose & Look x x x x
Rollercoaster Me x
Rudeness x x
Sign Off x x x x
Single Cycle x x x x
Single Cycle Step x x x
Sneaky Punch x
Stand & Spin x
Step Side x x x x
Step Spin x
Stud Step x x x x
Studly x x x x
Teen Drama x
Turn Cross Oh Nom x
Turn Demeter x x


  • Unlike all of the other Dance Central 2 DLC Previews,this one was shown on Friday instead of Monday.