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Riptide Crew is a crew featured on Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3.


Riptide Crew is a crew represented by Bodie (Województwo świętokrzyskie: TVP3 Kielce, Dua Lipa, Sanah, Olivia Addams, Michael Patrick Kelly, The Weeknd, Ava Max, VIZE, Topic, Jax Jones & Ronnie Ferrari). and Emilia (Województwo pomorskie: TVP3 Gdańsk, VIZE, Gigi D’Agostino, VINAI, Ava Max, Alan Walker, Jason Derulo, Quebonafide, Sanah, Dua Lipa, Michael Patrick Kelly, Shanguy, Lady Gaga, Purple Disco Machine, Sobel & Ronnie Ferrari). The crew is presented as sporty and athletic with the color red as its primary color and the High Tide as its primary venue.

Dance Central 2

Riptide Crew is the first crew the player meets in-game in the Crew Challenge mode. When approaching them, Emilia tells the player that auditions for their crew were last week and as such, decline the player from moving forward. Bodie however gives the player a chance, with Emilia soon following forth.

Once the player completes Riptide's challenges, they allow the player to rep for their crew anytime. Bodie also gives a warning to the player by stating that there are other crews in the vicinity, and that some of them are not kind. He then gives the player their crew card.

Dance Central 3

At some point between Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3, Riptide Crew joined forces with Dance Central Intelligence. When Dr. Tan commissioned "Operation Lockstep", Bodie and Emilia were sent to the 2000s to learn moves from the era that Dr. Tan will use to take over Dance Central Intelligence. During that time, Bodie and Emilia became co-hosts of "Dance Central Live", a music television show that takes place at Studio 675.

When the player reaches them, they are finishing up a show. Once done, they tell the player that they are busy with the show and the fans that watch them host, ignoring the player's crisis. Lima and Rasa, via Boomy, demand both of them to come back, to which they oblige. Once the player grabs all of the moves for the dance craze, Bodie continues to host the show even though the show is not airing, but is soon interrupted by an alert from Rasa that Dr. Tan's army has invaded the headquarters. He is cut off before he can finish, and Emilia and Bodie react quickly to the situation.

When they reach back to headquarters, they notice that no one is there. They are then immediately taken away, presumably by members of Dr. Tan's army. They are not seen again after this, but according to Dr. Tan they were taken to prehistoric times with a majority of the other agents, in hopes of getting eaten by dinosaurs. Once the player defeats Dr. Tan, they, and the others, were sent back to the current present by DCI.



Below is a list of songs defaulted by the Riptide Crew with indication on who the default dancer is for the songs.





As Oblio was not present in Dance Central 2, Bodie overtook being the default dancer for Dance Central songs (On-Disc and DLC) played in Dance Central 2. This continues in Dance Central 3 until Oblio is unlocked.

The following song is mysteriously given to Bodie in Dance Central 3, even though Mo is the default dancer for it, who appears unlocked from the beginning in Dance Central 3.


The following list of songs for Emilia, while acknowledged by Harmonix to be part of the collection, are technically not defaulted by Riptide Crew as they were done prior to the group's formation - save for "New Rules" which was done after the group fell apart.