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On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull is a song in Dance Central 3, and Dance Central Spotlight. The default dancer for this song is Emilia in her DCI Agent outfit at the DCI HQ venue. It is ranked under the Legit (5/7) difficulty level.

Dance Moves

indicates that the dance move appears in the Short Version of the song, seen only in Dance Central 3's Party Mode, underneath the difficulty listed.

Name Beginner Easy Medium Hard
1-2-3 Punch x x
Allure x
All Business / Up x
Attitude Ripple x x
Back It Up x x
Clap 'round x
Cool Down x x
Corkscrew Step x x x x
Corkscrew Turn x
Crossed Out x
Cross Walk x x
Diva Slap x
Diva Tail x x
Extended Skate x x x x
Fast Asps x
Fun Uncle x
Jugular x x
Kicker x x x x
Kick Cross Walk x x
Latina x x x x
Lu$h Slide & Clap x
Merengue / Break x x
Merry Unbirthday x x
Party Magnate x
Point Step x x x x
Punchy x x
Ready To Rock x
Rock Out x x x
Rollabout x
Skate x x
Show Stopper x x
Spring Loaded x
Stop & Cross x
Super Flex x x x x
Super Hero x
Sweat It Out x x
Sweat It Out / Pose x x
Talko Drop x
Torch Stomp x x
Whack Attack x