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O.P.P. is a song available as DLC for Dance Central 2, Dance Central 3, and Dance Central Spotlight.



Beginner Easy Medium Hard
Allure March x x
Black Diamond x x
Bouncy Castle x
C'mon C'mon C'mon x x x
Change-o x
Chicken x x
Crazy / Tap Front x
Dewey D x x x
Dribble x
Drizzle x x x
Drizzle Side x x x x
Embarrassed x
Err'body Get Money x x x
Groove Snap x x
Half Grimm x x
Heyo! x x x x
Hype / Harlem Shake x x
Hype / Reverse Roll x x
Jester x
K. Hill x
Kedarr x
Milk Man x
New Shoes x
Outburst x
Party Up! x x
Prest-o x
Proper Dismount x
Run x x
Sexy Jerk x x x
Slide & Reset x
Sly x x
Speed Skate x x
Sunny Hit x
Thesis x
Tracer Spin x
Turn / Piston March x
Turn Shoulder x
Turn Step x
Twisted Wing x
What's Good / Tombe x
What's Up Bodie x
Yum Yums x x x x

In Dance Central Spotlight, Easy is called Standard, Medium is called Deluxe, and Hard is called Pro.

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