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Ninja Crew is a crew featured on Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3.


Ninja Crew, as the name implies, is a crew represented by ninjas Shinju and Kichi. The crew is presented as silent, letting their moves speak for themselves, while always being prepared for anyone that comes their way. Their primary color is green, but they do not have a primary venue. While they do not appear in any Story based modes, they do appear as a playable crew in Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3.


Ninja Crew has no songs assigned to them


  • Ninja Crew is the only crew that smack-talks without speaking and the only crew that does it simultaneously. They taunt before a battle and after a battle they have won.
  • Ninja Crew is one of four crews without an assigned song, the others being D-Cypher, D-Cypher Elite, and Icon Crew
    • They are also one of four crews that does not have a Megamix in Dance Central (VR), the others being the same ones mentioned previously