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Murder of Crows (also known as M.O.C.) is a crew featured on Dance Central 3.


Murder of Crows is a crew represented by Dr. Tan and his son Oblio. The crew is presented at first to be cooperative with each other, only for it to be a forced crew by Dr. Tan to overtake Dance Central Intelligence. With two opposite viewpoints on dance, their style has little explanation, although given their personas, no matter intention, it is quite dark. The crew's primary color is purple and the crew's primary venue is the Crow's Nest.

Dance Central 3

At some point near the events of Dance Central 2, Dr. Tan tracked down his son Oblio and formed a crew based off them. Using a mind control device allowed him to secure the team and further development with "Operation Lockstep" a plan to take over Dance Central Intelligence.

Although they periodically appear via video in the Story mode, they are centered in towards the end of the game where the player goes to the Crow's Nest to take Dr. Tan down. From there, Dr. Tan introduces the crew and believes that they can easily defeat the player. At some point, the mind control device on Oblio discombobulates, freeing him and eventually realizing where he is. When he sees that Dr. Tan is trying to take over the corporation, he challenges/helps the player to battle him in a freestyle to stop him from pursuing forward. Once successful, Dr. Tan gets trapped in the time stream, ending the crew's existence.



Below is a list of songs defaulted by Murder of Crows with indication on who the default dancer is for the songs.



The following list of songs for Oblio, while acknowledged by Harmonix to be part of the collection, are technically not defaulted by Murder of Crows as they were done prior to the group's formation - save for "Attention" which was done after the group fell apart.



  • Their name comes from the fact that a group of crows is called a murder. It appears to allude to the army Dr. Tan built, effectively creating a "murder".
  • Murder of Crows is one of three crews comprised of characters from Dance Central, D-Coy and Lu$h Crew being the others.
  • Murder of Crows is one of three crews composed of characters who are related to one another, the others being The Glitterati and Flash4wrd.
  • An interactive experience to anticipate Dance Central 3 was made surrounding Oblio's whereabouts. It is revealed in a journal by Oblio that Dr. Tan is out to get him. Getting him appears to be the start of Murder of Crows forming.
    • The ending to Dance Central features Dr. Tan spying on Oblio's whereabouts, alluding to the crew's eventual formation