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Miss Aubrey is one of the dancers in the game Dance Central, Dance Central 2, Dance Central 3, and Dance Central Spotlight. In Dance Central 2 & 3, she is in the Lu$h Crew. She is one of the 4 dancers who appeared in all 4 Dance Central games.


In Dance Central, she was shown to be "snobby". However, in Dance Central 2, she becomes noticeably more kind. Despite Angel having some interest in her, she doesn't share the same interest in him, rejecting him in the DC2 Storyline and the DC3 Intro as well as saying no offense to him when she says that the player is up to her level.

DC2 Storyline

In the DC2 storyline,she says to Angel to catch up as everyone has heard of the person (The Player) that has had everyone "ooh la la" about.

Once the player completes everything on the Lu$h Crew section,she says to savor the moment because the player is skilled enough to hang out with them. However,once Angel starts flirting with Aubrey,she says "that" (Him dating her) will never happen and walks away.

DC3 Storyline

In the DC3 storyline,she states how horrible this place is desepartely asks the player to get her back to the present.


Height-  "5.9"

Birthday- July 2nd

Age: 20

Once the player has finished all of Lu$h's objectives,they go back to the present. Aubrey thanks the player for getting her out of the 70s and into the present and then asks someone to get her to a stylist desperately.


She has 2 outfits in Dance Central, 3 outfits in Dance Central 2, and 5 outfits in Dance Central 3.

Dance Central

  • School Daze: Her School Daze look is a light blue blouse, black shorts with red suspenders attached. She also has long socks with a black, white and grey argyle design, and a black headband. Her shoes are black.
  • Princess: Her Princess outfit is a gold dress with a black belt, and a black headband. Her shoes are black and look very simlilar to ballet shoes.

Dance Central 2

  • Crew Look: She sports a vintage navy blue sailor girl outfit, with a red belt and red shoes. She also has a striped blue leather belt bracelet on her right wrist and a silver chain bracelet with a gold anchor attached on her left wrist.
  • Street Style: She wears a one piece, tube, leather jumpsuit that has a golden zipper on her torso. She also wears a black belt and long black boots. She wears black gloves and a pink knitted scarf with a pair of sunglasses on her head to replace her usual headband accessory.
  • DC Classic: The School Daze outfit from the original Dance Central.

Dance Central 3

  • Retro Fitted: She wears a tan-ish shirt with yellow-green like outlines of the shape of upside-down teardrops & teal upside-down teardrops, a red scarf, 3 golden bracelets, red pants with a red belt, and red shoes with straps. Her hair is done in a Farrah Fawcett style. [1]
  • DCI Agent: In this look,she wears a black leather jumpsuit that is unzipped just above her chest. She wears long black boots, and has what seems to be a communication device on her left wrist.
  • Crew Look: The same look she had in DC2.
  • Street Style: The same look she had in DC2.
  • DC Classic: The same look she had in DC & DC2.


  • It is possible that she has a rivaly with Emilia in Dance Central as she states in a voice message that those pranks were not funny.
  • In Dance Central 3, if the player looks closely when she walks down the steps of the roller rink and onto the dance floor, there is what seems to be a pair of customised roller skates that may belong to her. Angel also has his own roller skates.


  • "OK.... Savor the moment..You are officially skilled enough to hang out with us!"
  • "You are better then a bag of gluten free chips."
  • "You can try to top that...You won't... But you can try!"
  • "Uh, FABULOUS! I'm such a great judge of talent."
  • "Wow! Have I finally met a contemporary?!"
  • "Finally, someone on my level! No offense, Angel..."
  • "So I'm thinking, I love this! All of this."
  • "Would someone cue my music please? Hello?"
  • "Beauty, brains, it's a blessing and a curse."