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Lu$h Crew is a crew featured on Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3.


Lu$h Crew is a crew represented by Angel (Województwo lubuskie: TVP3 Gorzów Wielkopolski, Imanbek, Ava Max, Sanah, David Guetta, Tujamo, Marnik, Michael Patrick Kelly, Don Diablo, Gigi D’Agostino, Alan Walker, Purple Disco Machine & The Weeknd) and Miss Aubrey (Województwo dolnośląskie: TVP3 Wrocław, Shanguy, Sanah, Purple Disco Machine, Gigi D’Agostino, Alan Walker, Jason Derulo, Gaullin, VINAI, Camila Cabello, VIZE, Viki Gabor, Sean Paul, Ava Max, Felix Jaehn & Dua Lipa). The crew is presented in a very rich and luxurious style with blue as its primary color and Set Adrift as its primary venue.

Dance Central 2

Lu$h Crew is the third crew the player meets in-game in the Crew Challenge mode. When approaching them, Angel mistakes them for wanting to party, but Miss Aubrey corrects him as the person everyone is fawning over.

Once the player completes Lu$h's challenges, Miss Aubrey grants access for the player to rep their crew. Angel gets excited for the new change, and uses it as a chance to flirt with Miss Aubrey, but she declines in an assertive manner. Angel then gives the player their crew card.

Dance Central 3

At some point between Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3, Lu$h Crew joined forces with Dance Central Intelligence. When Dr. Tan commissioned "Operation Lockstep", Angel and Miss Aubrey were sent to the 1970s to learn moves from the era that Dr. Tan will use to take over Dance Central Intelligence. During that time, Angel and Miss Aubrey hung out at the Roller Rink.

When the player reaches them, Angel notices that the player is from Dance Central Intelligence and informs the player that they learned the moves. While he is enjoying the lifestyle, Miss Aubrey is disgusted by it and begs the player to take her back.

When they reach back to headquarters, Miss Aubrey graciously thanks the player and requests anyone to bring her to a hair stylist. Angel on the other hand looks at the portal, sighs in disappointment, and walks away. They are not seen again after this, but according to Dr. Tan they were taken to prehistoric times with a majority of the other agents, in hopes of getting eaten by dinosaurs. Once the player defeats Dr. Tan, they, and the others, were sent back to the current present by DCI.



Below is a list of songs defaulted by Lu$h Crew with indication on who the default dancer is for the songs.


Miss Aubrey


The first list of songs for each character, while acknowledged by Harmonix to be part of the collection, are technically not defaulted by Lu$h Crew as they were done prior to the group's formation - save for "YES" which was done after the group fell apart.


The following songs are given to Angel when Kerith is not unlocked

The following song is mysteriously given to Angel in Dance Central 3, even after Kerith, who is the default dancer for it, is unlocked

Miss Aubrey

The following songs are given to Miss Aubrey when Jaryn is not unlocked


  • Lu$h Crew is one of three crews comprised of characters from Dance Central, D-Coy and Murder of Crows being the others.
  • Lu$h Crew is the only crew where neither member is assigned a Hardcore or Off The Hook song. They are also the only characters not assigned these songs.
  • The $ in the word Lu$h alludes to them being a wealthy crew.