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The Lu$h Crew is one of the featured Crews on Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3.


The Lu$h Crew is one of the Crews in-game and is also the crew represented by Angel and Miss Aubrey. This Crew is the only to feature two orginal Dance Central game characters together, while the other crews consists of an "old" and a "new" combo or a "new" and a "new" combo. Lu$h is shown to be very rich having style, money, and luxury. Angel has also shown signs of trying to get into a possible relationship with Miss Aubrey but she declines him whenever that happens.

The Crew's primary venue is "The Yacht" in Dance Central 2 and the "Roller Rink" in Dance Central 3.


In Dance Central 2, they appear on the yacht with Miss Aubrey now seeing the person that everyone has been talking about lately. After the player masters the songs including their challenge song, they are now considered cool enough to hang with them.

In Dance Central 3, they appear in the Roller Rink venue in the 70s with their outfits showing 70s wardrobe. Miss Aubrey wants to get out of this place as soon as possible while Angel is enjoying every moment of it. After the player finds all the craze moves, does them, then completes the craze song, they come back to the present with Miss Aubrey asking for some help with her look pronto.


Dance Central

NOTE: These songs appeared prior to the crew formation

D = DLC Song

Dance Central 2

D = DLC Song

S = Story Mode Song

C = Challenge Song in the Story Mode

Dance Central 3

D = DLC Song

S = Story Mode Song

S w C = Story Mode Song with Craze Moves

Cr = Craze Song in the Story mode