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Lima is a character in Dance Central 3. She is a member of DCI.


Dance Central 3

Lima makes her first appearance in Dance Central 3 as a playable character and member of DCI with two looks: DCI Agent and Under Control. DCI Agent is available from the start while Under Control is unlocked at a random level.

In the Story mode, Lima helps the player take down Dr. Tan's plan "Operation Lockstep". Once the player is deemed good enough to be an agent for Dance Central Intelligence, she sends them to various decades learning moves Dr. Tan will use in the plan. Along the way, the player will meet other crews who have been sent for the same reason.

While Lima is an ally at first, she gets intercepted by Dr. Tan's army and is put under mind control sometime while the player is in the 2000's with Riptide. Working for Dr. Tan now she, along with Rasa, is given the mission to stop the player from interfering with the plan. After a freestyle dance off, the mind control headset breaks and she is freed. Afterwards, Lima sends the player to the future of Tantopia, where Dr. Tan rules the world of dance, to take him down. When they do, they return back and Lima congratulates them. Finally, she initiates a new mission to start a party and celebrates the agency's success.


Lima is a polished and sleek person that cares for those around her. She presents himself as calm and collected, but is quick to alert to danger when it arises. She is extremely intelligent, implying through dialogue that she either was some sort of scientist perviously or in addition to becoming an agent, most likely a physicist.


DCI Agent

Lima wears a pair of grey-black leggings and a purple halter top that is partially covered by a grey and black short-sleeve vest. She also wears a pair of black flats with some sort of black laces around her ankles. The outfit is accessorized with a pair of purple jeweled earrings and silver bangles worn on her right arm.

Under Control

Lima wears her DCI Agent outfit with the addition of a purple mind control headset.


0-2 Stars

  • "I'm sure it's just technical difficulties. Let me check my calculations."
  • "I wouldn't give up your day job just yet; but I like where you're going with this."
  • "Hey it's not rocket science, it's tougher! And seriously, I should know."

3-4 Stars

5 Stars

  • "Yeah, that spotlight's looking good on you, honey. You got it."
  • "Maximum star capacity; that's what I'm talking about."
  • "Well look at you. You are working the system."
  • "Yeah that's VIP style for sure. Taking advantage of every angle."
  • "That was hotter than Carnot's theory of thermodynamics! You see what I did there?"