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Kichi is a character in Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3. She is a member of Ninja Crew.


Dance Central 2

Kichi makes her first appearance in Dance Central 2 as a part of Ninja Crew. She is unlocked from the beginning of the game.

Dance Central 3

Kichi reappears in Dance Central 3 again as a part of Ninja Crew. Unlike the last game, she is locked and is unlocked once insert.


Not much is known about Kichi. Unlike Shinju who has very little information about him, Kichi has even less, but it is assumed from her outfit that she has a liking towards the color blue and is skilled with clawing evident from the claws attached to her hands. If anything else, her silent status gives her a stature of being sly and sneaky.


Kichi does not have any outfits aside from the unnamed one given at default. It consists of a sleeveless blue shinobi shozoku accented in black with guard pieces on her arms, some being attached with two long claws, and on one of her thighs and as accessories for the outfit.


Kichi is silent. Therefore, she does not have any quotes.


Kichi is not assigned to any songs in the series.