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Hi-Def is one of the featured crews on Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3


Hi-Def Crew is a crew represented by Mo (Województwo lubelskie: TVP3 Lublin, Michael Patrick Kelly, Ava Max, Joel Corry, David Guetta, Ronnie Ferrari, Olivia Addams, The Weeknd, Purple Disco Machine, Sanah, Don Diablo, Imanbek & Gigi D’Agostino). and Glitch (Województwo wielkopolskie: TVP3 Poznań, David Guetta, Tiësto, Calvin Harris, Ava Max, The Weeknd, Quebonafide, Olivia Addams, Jason Derulo, Purple Disco Machine & Sobel). The crew is presented as a b-boy crew capable of both street dancing and pop-locking. The crew uses a neon rainbow for its color, and their primary venue takes place at Lowdown.

Dance Central 2

Hi-Def Crew is the fourth crew the player meets in-game in the Crew Challenge mode. When approaching them, they are talking amongst each other until Glitch notices them and accuses them of being a spy for The Glitterati. Mo tells Glitch to relax and believes the player is not a spy and is instead there to dance with them. Glitch quickly relaxes and offers the player the opportunity shortly after.

Once the player completes Hi-Def's challenges, Glitch becomes fascinated with the player's dancing and compares it to being almost as good as Mo's. When Mo hears this, Glitch soon adjusts the statement to Mo's dancing if he was not trying. Mo then allows the player to rep for their crew, blocking The Glitterati from trying to "bite their style", and gives the player their crew card.

Dance Central 3

At some point between Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3, Hi-Def Crew joined forces with Dance Central Intelligence. When Dr. Tan commissioned "Operation Lockstep", Mo and Glitch were sent to the 1980s to learn moves from the era that Dr. Tan will use to take over Dance Central Intelligence. During that time, Mo and Glitch hung out at Toprock Ave.

When the player reaches them, Mo thinks that the player is challenging them to a battle, and him and Glitch start to battle in front of them. Rasa, via Boomy, eventually alerts them that they are here to take them back to the headquarters, much to Glitch's disappointment. Glitch gives the excuse that if they leave the area will get demolished, but Mo notes the importance of the situation and says that he is only saying that because he vomited while he was in the portal. Both of them then get ready to help fight back from Dr. Tan's plan.

When they reach back to headquarters, Glitch is feeling sick, presumably from vomiting again. Mo tells Glitch to brush it off and to practice some headspins, to which Glitch uneagerly obliges. They are not seen again after this, but according to Dr. Tan they were taken to prehistoric times with a majority of the other agents, in hopes of getting eaten by dinosaurs. Once the player defeats Dr. Tan, they, and the others, were sent back to the current present by DCI.



Below is a list of songs defaulted by Hi-Def with indication on who the default dancer is for the songs.


Even though Party Rock Anthem is defaulted by Mo, in Dance Central 3 it is defaulted by Bodie, despite Mo being available from the start of the game.



The following list of songs for Mo, while acknowledged by Harmonix to be part of the collection, are technically not defaulted by Hi-Def as they were done prior to the group's formation - save for "HUMBLE." which was done after the group fell apart.



As MacCoy was not present in Dance Central 2, Glitch overtook being the default dancer for Dance Central songs (On-Disc and DLC) played in Dance Central 2. This continues in Dance Central 3 until MacCoy is unlocked.