HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar is a song in Dance Central (VR). Although originally it is open to anyone, the song becomes exclusive to Mo after he reveals it is his favorite. It is ranked 3/3 on difficulty.

Dance Moves

Name Standard Pro
Accuser x
Alternating x
Alternator x
Blame x
Bounce & Throw x
Brush Tap Front x
Bunny Hill x
Chest Roll 'Round x
Circle Step Out x
Cross Open x
Flexing x
Hey Mo x
Hi Mo x
Muscle Step x
Party x
Pocket Ayes x
Pose x
Pose Nod x
Pray x
Rail Hips x
Rollin' x
Roundhouse x
Shoulder Shuffle x
Siddown x
Stand Tall x
Step Kick/Prep x
Throw High x
Throw Together x
Treadmill x
Yeah, Yeah x
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