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Get Ur Freak Out by Missy Elliott is a song that first appeared on Dance Central 2. It is played by default as Taye on her Crew Look outfit on the Crow's Nest venue and is ranked under the Off The Hook (7/7) difficulty category.

Name Beginner Easy Medium Hard
'Bow Bounce & Roll x x
'Bow Step & Shake x
Base Roll x
Battle Me x x
Battle Us x
Choppy Chicken x x
Come Get Me x
Drum & Spin x
Freak Flag x
Goal Flick x x
Knee Knock x x
On Board x x x x
Pepper Mill x x x
Pound It x x
Rascal x
Scamp x
Skip Rope x x
Skip Rope Stop x x
Swag Step x x x x
Switch My Style x
Tombe Hop x x
Triple Bounce x
Warrior x x x
Who's That? x x x x
Whoa x x x x