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Flash4wrd is a crew featured on Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3.


Flash4wrd is a crew represented by Taye and her little sister Li'l T. The crew is presented as fun and energetic with a unique and sassy dance style. The crew's primary colors are green & yellow, and Tee Off is the crew's primary venue.

Dance Central 2

Flash4wrd is the second crew the player meets in-game in the Crew Challenge mode. When approaching them, Taye notices that this is the dancer Bodie was talking to them about. Li'l T chimes in on the player's wardrobe, and then they offer them a chance to rep their crew.

Once the player completes Flash4wrd's challenges, Li'l T wonders if the player is related to them, and that their dancing was hot. Taye on the other hand tells her if the dancing was hot enough to take on The Glitterati, to which Li'l T boldly replies that she is not afraid of them. Taye reminds her to say it again, but without a nightlight, indicating a fear between Li'l T and The Glitterati. Taye then gives the player their crew card and finishes off by giving advice to stay focus and continue being themselves.

Dance Central 3

At some point between Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3, Flash4wrd joined forces with Dance Central Intelligence. When Dr. Tan commissioned "Operation Lockstep", Taye and Li'l T were sent to the 1990s to learn moves from the era that Dr. Tan will use to take over Dance Central Intelligence. During that time, Taye and Li'l T partied at their childhood home.

When the player reaches them, Taye welcomes them to the party. Li'l T comments that they learned the moves from the era, and then came up with their own moves called "The House Party". As they show the player their moves, Lima, via Boomy, tells the ladies that they previously talked about "respecting the Time Space continuum" and urges them to stop. They oblige, but not without Taye stating that their moves were better.

When they reach back to headquarters, it is in a state of emergency. Li'l T thinks that cleaning up the house would have not ignited the emergency and fears what their parents will say in response to the house, to which Taye states that she was not even born at that time to get a response. She then questions the condition the headquarters is in. They are not seen again after this, but according to Dr. Tan they were taken to prehistoric times with a majority of the other agents, in hopes of getting eaten by dinosaurs. Once the player defeats Dr. Tan, they, and the others, were sent back to the current present by DCI.



Below is a list of songs defaulted by Flash4wrd with indication on who the default dancer is for the songs.


Li'l T


The following list of songs for Taye, while acknowledged by Harmonix to be part of the collection, are technically not defaulted by Flash4wrd as they were done prior to the group's formation.


Li'l T

As Dare was not present in Dance Central 2, Li'l T overtook being the default dancer for Dance Central songs (On-Disc and DLC) played in Dance Central 2. This continues in Dance Central 3 until Dare is unlocked.