A double up move is a type of move, common in Dance Central & Dance Central 2, usually in which an action is done four times on both sides & then doing the same thing in the other direction.

You can identify them by the D on the flashcard.

You start on one side, switch to the other, then do the original side twice. In other words, all double-up moves follow the pattern "right-left-right-right" or "left-right-left-left".


Some examples of double-up moves are as follows:

  • "Hitch Hike" in Funkytown and Hella Good
  • "Sidekicks", featured in several songs
  • "Knockout" in Down and Hella Good
  • "Heel Flick" and "Knee Push" in Push It
  • "Brush Tap" and "Bouch" in Pump Up The Jam
  • "Tiger Palm" in Bust A Move

There are times though when some of these moves are not done in a Double-up formation. An example is the Knockout in I Wish For You which the way the player doesn't do it in a Double-up style (Which is usually Right-Left-Right,Left-Right-Left) and instead does it in a different style. (In this case its Right-Left-Right-Left)