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Hi you've reached Dare. I'm like, uh... really tired from clubbing last night.
So uh... if you can leave a message I'll ring you back after I've had a bit of rest.
Alright then, cheers. -Dare's voice mail in DC

Dare P. Batheson is a character in Dance Central and Dance Central 3. She is a member of D-Coy.


Dance Central

Dare first appears in Dance Central as a playable character with two looks: Neon Dreams and DIY Couture. Neon Dreams is available from the start while DIY Couture is available once the player earns 25 stars with her. In the game, she is the dancer used for the Off The Hook Challenge.

In the proposed story, Dare is dancing outside the roof of Angel's car, which also contains Miss Aubrey. A while after she is dancing, Miss Aubrey kicks her from behind, slightly annoying her. She is later seen on the front passenger seat of Angel's car, glaring at Miss Aubrey and newcomers MacCoy and Taye, who are all in the back seat. She is lastly seen at the club Mo was promoting with most of the other characters partying away.

Dance Central 2

Dare is not present in Dance Central 2, but it is revealed that she, and MacCoy, became agents for Dance Central Intelligence during the events of Dance Central 2, spying on Dr. Tan for suspicious activity. At some point however, she was held captive, delaying the mission from moving forward.

Dance Central 3

Dare returns in Dance Central 3 as an unlockable character and a part of D-Coy. She comes with two looks: DC Classic and Under Control. She herself is unlocked (with her DC Classic look) when the player reaches Level 10 while the Under Control look is unlocked when the player reaches

In the Story mode, Dare herself does not appear, but she is mentioned and seen sparsely. She is first mentioned by Lima who informs the player of her disappearance. Later on, Dance Central Intelligence is able to track down where she is and unfortunately finds her under a mind control unit. Once the player defeats Dr. Tan in the time portal, she gets freed from the unit and returns back to the agency.


Dare is a girl who is hugely into clubbing and living life out. She is constantly partying, and has a carefree attitude overall as an individual. She is also into outlandish style, and applies it to herself as such.


Dance Central

  • Neon Dreams: Her Neon Dream outfit is a black dress with a bunch of colorful lines, grey pants, and green rain boots. It is accessorized with a pair of blue upside down heart-shaped glasses with a pink border around them,
  • DIY Couture: Hey DIY Couture outfit is one she put together herself, hence the name. It features a pink and purple tank top, low rise blue pants showing the bottom half of a swimsuit with a little stuffed dog attached to it. It's accessorized with black sneakers with pink laces, a kung-fu headband under her bangs, and a ton of bracelets and yellow and pink striped long sleeves all the way down covering her hands.

Dance Central 3

  • DC Classic: Her DIY Couture outfit from Dance Central.
  • Under Control: Her Under Control look is the same look as the DC Classic look, but it has a pink mind control headset in front of her face.


0-2 Stars


  • "Oh dear, that didn't go so well. Oh I'd love another to have another go at that one."
  • "I'm feeling a bit gutted at that one. Guess somebody partied too hard last night."


  • "Try again then shall we? Yeah? No? No? Yeah?"
  • "Right, your moves are a little out there, but I'm loving it."
  • "I am over it! So over it. Let's go do something else, yeah?"
  • "So that was kind of crazy there, right? Is it just me?"

3-4 Stars


  • "Nice. I got this well sorted, right. It ain't easy, but it sure is fun."
  • "Check. It. Out. I'll be a superstar in no time fam."


  • "Show me that thing you just did. Not that thing, the other thing."
  • "Yeah, you're making your own rules and it's paying off!"
  • "Clear out the dance floor! It's all about you, darling."
  • "You were all like "Woo!" and I was all like "Woah!" and then it was like something."
  • "Clear out the dance floor! It's all about you darling."

5 Stars


  • "And I didn't even break a sweat! That would ruin my outfit. Sometimes I wonder how I even got this good!"
  • "It's tiring being this good, know what I'm saying? Celebrating at the club tonight, who's with me?"
  • "Superb! Winning skill,incredible style, Is there anything she can't do?"
  • "I'm off the hook, and everybody knows it. And that's why I'm a celebrity at the clubs."


  • "Now that, I like. No, I loved it. Solid mate!"
  • "That was absolutely mad! Are you from another planet?"
  • "I believe in alien abductions, goji berry smoothies, and your talent."
  • "That's how you get things moving! I'm like, in awe or something."
  • "Brilliant! Amazing! Fab! All those things together."



  • "Has anyone ever died from boredom? I think we just came close."
  • "I mean, did we really have to do that? I wanted to go for smoothies."
  • "All this confrontation isn't really my style. You know what I mean?"
  • "Looks like we just stepped into the deadest pie on the planet, in'it?"
  • "What just happened? No, seriously, what just happened?"



  • "Can't top my moves or my fashion sense. Bringing it right to you live, Dare style."
  • "Yeah, gotta make it look really good. Your girl Dare, rockin' it right all day and all night."
  • "Can't stop won't stop. It's a party now. Yes. Yep, you know I'm on it, not a problem."
  • "I made this whole outfit, time to show it off. This is how they do it in the club."


  • Dare's original name was going to be Kyoko, the name of one of Matt Perlot's penpals.
    • It was changed to Dare, based off of Dare Matheson. Her last name (Batheson) reflects that as well.
  • Dare's DC Classic look is one of two looks in that category to use the character's alternate outfit from Dance Central, MacCoy's being the other
    • Coincidentally, they make up D-Coy
  • Dare has an official profile given to by Harmonix. The following is given
    • Name: Dare
    • Hobbies: Throwing after parties, recovering from after parties. Interests: DIY fashion, decent hair dye, doner kebabs at half-past two.
    • Favorite Movie: DJ Purr’s Daydream Candy Warehouse Compilation
    • Biggest Dream: To make serious money from being fabulous without ever having a desk job or wearing a suit.
    • Blood Type: B+… a good way to live your life, right?
      • The mention of hair dye underneath "Hobbies" suggests that the color of her hair is dyed and not natural
  • Dare is one of the few characters assigned with songs to not be assigned a song in the Warm Up category, the others being Jaryn, Li'l T, Lima, MacCoy, Rasa, and Taye.
  • Dare is the only character who did not appear in Dance Central 2 to not be assigned a song from Dance Central 3. (Oblio was given Tan-Step while MacCoy was given Let It Roll)