Dance Central 2
Developer: Harmonix Music Systems
Publisher: Harmonix Music Systems


Microsoft Studios

Release date:

AU October 21, 2011

EU October 21, 2011
NA October 25, 2011
JP October 27, 2011





Single player

Crew Battle
Dance Battle


Xbox 360 Kinect



Dance Central 2 is the sequel to the top selling game Dance Central. It came out on October 21, 2011 in Europe and in October 25 in the USA. The game was developed by Harmonix Music Systems who also created the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises.


The gameplay is similar to the first one where you mimic the dancer along with steps shown on small flash screens. Features new to this game is that 2 players can dance side by side. The Break It Down feature has been upgraded and improved same goes for the fitness mode and voice commands have also been added. Modes on the game are:


  • Perform It: Gives the player a chance to show of his moves and skill while performing a dance routine.
  • Break it Down: Also known as Practice/Training mode. gives the player a chance to learn every move in a routine.
  • Dance Battle: Gives the player a chance to go head-to-head with a friend while each representing one of the in-game crews.

Crew Challenge: Gives a player a chance to reach for the top by impressing the games in-game characters and Crew's. Dancing to each Crew's favorite song and giving the chance to represent them will earn and increase your status in the game.

Fitness: Gives the player a chance to have fun while working out. It has an option of enabling or disabling Fitness mode which shows how many calories you have burned during each dance session.


In Dance Central 2, new characters have been added (Such as Li'l T, Bodie, and Glitch) while older ones that were playable in the first game did not appear in this game (Oblio,Elliot,Dare & McCoy). The game is back with more characters than before now featuring Crews to dance along side the player. It features 16 dancers both new and returning along with their Crew affiliation. The list of Dancers and Crews are as Follows.

  1. Angel - Lu$h Crew
  2. Aubrey - Lu$h Crew
  3. Bodie - Riptide Crew
  4. CYPH-56 - D-Cypher Crew
  5. CYPH-78 - D-Cypher Crew
  6. Bernice - D-Cypher Elite
  7. Dr. Tan - D-Cypher Elite
  8. Emilia - Riptide Crew
  9. Frenchy - Icon Crew
  10. Glitch - Hi-Def Crew
  11. Jaryn - Glitterati Crew
  12. Kerith - Glitterati Crew
  13. Kichi - Ninja Crew
  14. Lil'T - Flash4wrd Crew
  15. Marcos - Icon Crew
  16. Mo - Hi-Def Crew
  17. Shinju - Ninja Crew
  18. Taye - Flash4wrd Crew


Dance Central 2 comes with an all new list of song from different artists both old and new. There are 44 songs in-game and more downloadable content (DLC) on the Xbox Live Market for 240 microsoft points. All downloadable songs and in-game songs from the original Dance Central are forward compatible with Dance Central 2. Any new DLC starting on November 22, 2011 is only compatible with Dance Central 2. Songs are available for 240 MSP (US$3.00). For a list of songs featured in the game visit: List of Songs in Dance Central 2


The game gained mostly positive reviews from gaming websites and magazine. praising alot of its new feature and its style. IGN gave it a score of 9/10, Metacritict gave an average score of 86 out of 100 from 56 criticts and Gamespot rated it as great giving it an 8.5 score.

Dance Central 2 is currently dubbed as the best Kinect game to date.