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Dance Central
Developer: Harmonix Music Systems
Publisher: Oculus Studios


Oculus Studios

Release date:

April 30, 2019


Oculus Rift/Rift S, Oculus Quest

Dance Central is the newest music rhythm game in the Dance Central series for the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Rift S. It is a virtual reality simulation game akin to previous titles, except players can submerge themselves in the environments for an immersed experience. It was released on April 30, 2019 worldwide as a digital download.


Dance Central emeulates the same gameplay as past titles. Players follow on-screen characters to earn points, which in turn also fill up star gauges used to show how well they are doing. In Dance Central, the game is in virtual reality: players can look all around within the game and experience dancing one-on-one with the characters as if they were right in front of them.

The game uses a phone for navigation, but it is also used for in-depth gameplay. As players dance, they can gain contact with the characters and conversate with them through texts to earn friendship.

There are three main modes in the game.

  • Perform It: The main mode where players dance to songs. This is not specified as a separate mode; rather, it is displayed underneath the three venues players can dance to
  • Crew Up: An online mode where players can go head to head in battles. Players pick a side, Red or Blue, and compete for ultimate victory in dances and in a game similar to the Strike A Pose mini-game in Dance Central 3 where players follow various positions for points. They can also interact with players outside the competing arena.
  • Break It Down: A practice mode where players can learn new moves or work on old ones.

In addition there are two other locations in the game.

  • Balcony: Enjoy the view!
  • Wardrobe: A place where players can try out clothes and customize their avatar, a first for the series. Players can also unlock new types of clothing, as well as new phone cases, as they earn friendship with characters.


There are five characters in the game. Emilia, Miss Aubrey, Mo, and Oblio return from previous installments while Hart is new to this title. The four returning characters wear their DC default outfits.

Name Tags Photo
Emilia Sporty, Fun, Never Backs Down Emilia VR.png
Hart A Loyal Friend & Chill to the Bone Hart VR.png
Miss Aubrey Observant & Devastatingly Honest MissAubrey VR.png
Mo Genuine & Fun-loving Mo VR.png
Oblio Mysterious & Fervent Oblio VR.png


There are four venues for players to dance in, each is a spot where one of the dancers hangs out, though any dancer may perform in any venue.

Entrance: The starting location when entering the club. Always packed with people waiting to get in, the player slips through easily. Once past that rope, turn around and show the crowd who's boss. Hart keeps everyone in line, but she's sure to let the player in.
Main Floor: The biggest room for a reason, everyone makes a circle in the center of the room for the player. Emilia is never far away and always looking to dance.
Bar: A decidedly less crowded place, though still fun to party in no less. After all, those viral videos don't upload themselves. Mo hangs around this area, ready for dancing or chatting.
VIP: An exclusive area, but the player fits the bill. Here the crowd respectfully stands in the back, giving the player plenty of room to do their thing. Miss Aubrey lounges in here, where else would you expect Dance Central's queen?

Studio: Not a venue for Perform It, but this is where players come to practice their skills. Oblio waits for the player here, ready to give advise when needed.
Lounge: The place to party! This room will be the location of the players friendly and rival dance battles. Challenge your friends in coop mode here. Any dancer is ready to throw down here.


The game has 32 songs for players to dance to. Each song has a routine divided into two levels, Standard and Pro. While both are available from the start, the game defaults the level to Standard, but it can be changed via the in-game phone. Each song has a difficulty listed between 1-3, indicating how challenging it is. Songs from previous entries were given new routines. Each character has a favorite song that can only be performed with them.

Song Artist Difficulty Favorite
1, 2, 3 Sofia Reyes Ft. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto 1/3
All My Life DallasK 2/3
Attention Charlie Puth & Kyle 3/3 Oblio
Bad Romance Lady Gaga 1/3
Be My Lover La Bouche 3/3
Bust A Move Young MC 3/3
Cake By The Ocean DNCE 2/3
Crew Goldlink Ft. Brent Faiyaz & Shy Glizzy 2/3
Dinero Trinidad Cardona 2/3
Don't Let Me Down The Chainsmokers Ft. Daya 2/3
Finesse Bruno Mars 2/3
Give Me Everything Pitbull Ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer 3/3
Heaven/Hell Chvrches 2/3
HUMBLE. Kendrick Lamar 3/3 Mo
It Takes Two Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock 2/3
Like A G6 Far East Movement Ft. The Cataracs & DEV 3/3
Low Flo Rida Ft. T-Pain 3/3
Make Me Feel Janelle Monáe 1/3 Hart
Me Too Meghan Trainor 3/3
Mi Gente J. Balvin Ft. Willy William And Beyoncé 3/3
New Rules Dua Lipa 2/3 Emilia
Now That We Found Love Heavy D & The Boyz 1/3
Pump Up the Jam Technotronic 2/3
Push It Salt-N-Pepa 1/3
Sanctify Years & Years 2/3
September Earth, Wind & Fire 1/3
Sorry Justin Bieber 3/3
Temperature Sean Paul 1/3
The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) Black Sheep 3/3
Turn Down For What DJ Snake & Lil Jon 3/3
What Is Love Haddaway 1/3
YES Louisa Ft. 2 Chainz 3/3 Miss Aubrey


Megamixes are collages of songs put together to form routines. Each megamix is named after a crew from the series.

Megamix Songs Difficulty
Megamix: D-Coy Sanctify, Sorry, Attention, Turn Down For What 2/3
Megamix: DCi Push It, It Takes Two, Be My Lover, Give Me Everything 2/3
Megamix: Flash4wrd Crew, Don't Let Me Down, Low, HUMBLE. 2/3
Megamix: Glitterati Now That We Found Love, Bad Romance, What Is Love, Pump Up the Jam 2/3
Megamix: Hi-Def September, Cake By The Ocean, Bust A Move, Like A G6 2/3
Megamix: Lu$h Finesse, The Choice Is Yours (Revisited), Mi Gente, YES 2/3
Megamix: M.O.C 1, 2, 3, All My Life, Dinero, Temperature 2/3
Megamix: Riptide Make Me Feel, Me Too, Heaven/Hell, New Rules 2/3


  • An (X) indicates that this DLC does not appear on the in-game store anymore.
  • A (BG) indicates that this DLC is included with the base game's setlist.
Song Artist Difficulty Cost
All Of Me (Tiësto's Birthday Treatment Remix) John Legend 2/3 $1.99
Bailando Enrique Iglesias ft. Sean Paul 2/3 $1.99
Burn Ellie Goulding 1/3 $1.99
Gangnam Style PSY 2/3 $1.99
GDFR Flo Rida ft. Sage the Gemini and Lookas 3/3 $1.99
Out Whole Night (BG) M-Cue 1/3 FREE
Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears 3/3 $1.99
Break For Me (BG) James Landino ft. Noelle LeBlanc 3/3 FREE
Fall Apart (BG) Shocked Laura 3/3 FREE