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DCI (which stands for Dance Central Intelligence) is a crew featured on Dance Central 3.


DCI is a crew represented by Rasa and Lima, two agents that run the corporation of the same name. The crew is presented as sleek and sophisticated apparent in their style and in their dancing. The crew's primary color is purple, and the DCI HQ is the crew's primary venue.

Dance Central 2

While they do not officially join the series until Dance Central 3, given D-Coy's involvement with the corporation and Oblio's message in his journal, it is safe to say that DCI was busy obtaining information on Dr. Tan during the events of Dance Central 2.

Dance Central 3

In Dance Central 3, DCI becomes the first crew the player meets in Story mode. After being invited to an "underground party", the player goes to the agency and approaches them. When approaching them, Rasa gives a player a chance to dance to see if they have potential. Afterwards, they introduce themselves and give the player another chance to dance in order to be eligible for agent status. Once the player successfully dances, they allow them in as an agent, explain Dr. Tan's plan "Operation Lockstep", and tell how they are trying to combat it. Throughout the game they give more information regarding the plan and those involved.

By the time Riptide Crew is taken back to the present, Rasa and Lima are under Dr. Tan's control through a mind controlling device, but it is revealed through an analysis that the way to get them out of the device is to "swag" on them, and when the player does, they are released. Once released, they tell the player that they are ready to take on Dr. Tan and send them to him.

When the player defeats Dr. Tan and returns back to headquarters, DCI congradulates them and informs them that they were able to bring all the crews that were sent to prehistoric times back to the present. They then tell their next mission of starting a party and dance to celebrate.



Below is a list of songs defaulted by DCI with indication on who the default dancer is for the songs.