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CYPH-56 is a character in Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3. She is a member of D-Cypher.


Dance Central 2

CYPH-56 appears in Dance Central 2 as an unlockable character. She is unlocked when and comes with two looks when unlocked: Crew Look and Battle Damage. She is a part of D-Cypher.

In the Crew Challenge mode, CYPH-78 appears as an enemy created by Dr. Tan to take the player down and stop them from ending Dr. Tan's vision to take over the dancing world. While polished at first, she starts to die down as they continue, and she fully shuts off when the player beats her.

Dance Central 3

CYPH-56 reappears in Dance Central 3 as an unlockable character and a member of D-Cypher with the same two looks as the last game. She is unlocked by. Unlike the last game, she does not appear in the Story mode.


CYPH-56 has overall a basic personality. Her delivery when giving out comments is neutral, and they come off mild at best. However, the facial expressions she makes when giving out comments say otherwise, and help with her lackluster voice.



Crew Look

Her Crew Look is simply her self being.

Battle Damage

Her Battle Damage look is a malfunctioned version of her self being. Some of her outer armor has worn off, her wires are short circuiting, and some parts of her are burnt.



CYPH-56 is not assigned to any songs in the series.


  • They are Dr.Tan's creation.
  • Their dance partner is CYPH-78.