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Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay is a song in Dance Central 3. The default dancer for this song is Angel in his DCI Agent outfit at the DCI HQ venue. The song is ranked under the Warmup (1/7) difficulty level.

Dance Moves


indicates that the dance move appears in the Short Version of the song, seen only in Dance Central 3's Party Mode, underneath the difficulty listed.

Name Beginner Easy Medium Hard
'bow Bounce x x
Brush Tap x
Cross Front Step x x x
Cross Front Walk x x x x
Dedicate x x x
Dry Step Center x x x
Grapevine & Clap x
Head Bop x x x x
Hyper x x x
Kick Step Side x
Lock Hop x
Pull Me Close x x
Shoulder Lean x x x x
Shoulder Sway x x
Sincere x x x
Spin Cycle Step x x
Spirit x x x
Stud Strut x x
Swift Ballchange x
Swing Set x x
Warrior x x x x

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