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Dance Central

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Angel is one the dancers that is in the game Dance Central, Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3. He is shown as a ladies man. Angel is in a crew with Miss Aubrey called Lu$h Crew his crew is run by Miss Aubrey as she owns the yacht they are normally shown dancing on.


Angel, dapper romantic, “likes a challenge,” according to Hellion and Perly. In his original concepts Perly and the team thought of Angel was the “V.I.P. type” in Dance Central. Perly elaborated, “He’s that guy you see at clubs who steps to the front of the line and goes inside to his reserved table. You know, everyone knows him.” Angel’s unlock or secondary outfit actually includes a logo on the back that Perly thought of as a marker for Angel’s club of choice. “I’d done a cropped trench coat for him and this evolved into his unlock outfit. There was a lot of want for a classic, clean cut, guy with a suit outfit, so this is what we designed for his primary outfit. We then bumped his “jersey-style” club guy outfit to his unlock.”

Giving Angel’s character a voice also proved an interesting challenge for the DC character team. Hellion, specifically, had a type in mind as the DC team started casting for the characters. “He is the ‘locker lean’ boy**,” she said. Angel is, to be slightly cliché, the bad boy with a heart of gold. “He’s the guy who stays out all night at the club and then takes his grandmother to mass on Sunday,” Hellion added. To go along with this persona, the DC team wanted his speech pattern to have a natural cadence. After several rounds of auditions, the team actually found Angel’s voice in-house. “Every audition we ran, we found people forcing or faking these really weird artificial accents” Hellion noted. “Marcos, our own DC choreographer, ended up being the voice behind Angel.”. [1]

Physical Appearence

Angel's hair color seemed to have change from a dark red to a dark brown. His eye color has also changed in his transition from Dance Central, where it was a somewhat dark peach color, to Dance Central 2 where it seems to be a dark brown.


Dance Central

  • "Chill" ('Dress To Impress') - White Fedora, White Blazer, Pink Dress Shirt [opened slightly at the top], Earrings [studs], [Left Hand] Rings on Index and Middle Finger, [Right Hand] Ring On Thumb, Light Blue Scarf With [white snowflake?] Design, White [Dress] Pants/Slacks, Dress Shoes.
  • "Show-off" ('Seducer') - White Visior [slightly to the left], Earrings [studs], [Golden Necklace?], Cream colored [opened] Jacket [exposes toned abdomen], Leather/Black Fingerless Gloves with Slight Opening on the back of his hands, Black Belt, Black Pants with Silver Vine like designs on thigh area, Black and White Shoes.

Dance Central 2

  • Crew Look -
  • Street Style -
  • DC Classic - Chill outfit from DC.

Dance Central 3

  • Retro Fitted -
  • Crew Look - Same as DC2.
  • Street Style - Same as DC2.
  • DCI Agent - 
  • DC Classic - Same as DC and DC2.


  • Angel tends to flirt often with Miss Aubrey due to his "interest" in her. However Miss Aubrey shows no interest in him.
  • Angel is the back round of the crew as the crew is run by Miss Aubrey.
  • Angel is of Latino/Hispanic decent.
  • Angel has dramatically changed from Dance Central, voice and apperance.




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