All My Life by DallasK is a song in Dance Central (VR). It is ranked 2/3 on difficulty.

Dance Moves

Name Standard Pro
Astrologer x
Astrologer/Snap x
Bunny Hill x
Chest Guard x
Dedicate x
Dedicate/Snap x
Garçon x
Heartfelt x x
Hourglass x
Hype x x
Hyper x x
Magic Dusk x
Sincere x x
Smooth x
Smooth Headache x
Snap Slash x x
Sun Salutation x
Sun Salutation Up x x
Swing Both x
Swing Both/Pose x
The Warmup x x
This Or That x
Tut Geb x
Tut Ma'at x
Tut Nut/Snap x
Tut Snaps x x
Tut Thoth x
Wave x
Wave Up x
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